February 25, 2024
OLDS: This week in the Clear Creek Courant…

Influenza strikes Clear Creek region – Jan. 16, 2013

Two Clear Creek County residents were hospitalized due to the flu, due to public health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Colorado is one of 24 states reporting high influenza levels. “Stay home if you’re sick,” Nurse Tami Bradley said. “Nobody else wants it.”

Survey shows local students use more drugs than normal – Jan. 18, 1989

A survey administered to Clear Creek students in grades four through 12 indicated that students were using a variety of drugs. In some areas, the Clear Creek students demonstrated a level of use that outstrips the national average. They indicated that hallucinogens and heroin were “fairly easy” to obtain.

Escapee captured in county – Jan. 19, 1979

A prisoner who escaped from the Clear Creek County Jail was captured in Idaho Springs by Deputy Bob Cahill. Sheriff Gene Kiefer said, “He was in his cell at midnight but apparently the cell wasn’t locked.”

County grant sparks political wranglin’ – Jan. 18, 1974

There was a dispute at a joint meeting between the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department and the town’s Board of Selectmen over who should receive a $3,000 county payment earmarked for fighting rural fires.The selectmen said the money should go through the town treasury. The angry firemen then voted to stop answering county calls unless they received the funds directly.

The Clear Creek Courant was created in August of 1973. These items come from Courant’s historic archives. As it turns out, previous Courant writers had the same idea for the paper’s 25th anniversary. Their section was dubbed, “Olds: Not to be confused with news.” It lives on for an entire year to celebrate the paper’s 50th birthday.

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