February 24, 2024
Tobacco enforcement officer faces charges tied to trading cigarettes for drugs, money

Joseph Dominic, 33, faces five felony and one misdemeanor charge following a joint investigation. Dominic is a suspended officer with DATE, the alcohol and tobacco enforcement arm of the state.

DATE’s investigation into Dominic’s actions began in October 2023 when supervising officers became suspicious of his handling of seized cartons of cigarettes.

Detectives discovered that Dominic had been issued 30 cartons of cigarettes from DATE supervisors that were to go to other law enforcement agencies.

Instead, he allegedly supplied the cartons to an unauthorized third party for sale. The profits from these sales were reportedly shared evenly between Dominic and the third party, whom authorities believe also provided Dominic with illegal drugs. Dominic is also accused of illegally submitting false information in police reports to conceal his conduct.

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