February 25, 2024
Weld County Road 54 bridge upgrades

Weld County Road 54 /13 A, which crosses the Big Thompson River, is set for safety upgrades on Jan. 22, according to a news release on Jan.10.

The road is located about three miles east of Interstate 25 and about five miles north of Johnstown.

 “It’s no secret that Weld County is growing, and projects like these are important to ensure our transportation infrastructure continues to meet the traveling public’s needs,” said Kevin Ross, Weld County Commissioner Chairman. “We believe these improvements will better accommodate heavy truck traffic and additional traffic in the future.”

The Weld County Commissioners awarded the contract for the bridge reconstruction to Kraemer NA for $11,533,491.78 in December 2023 and completion is expected by August 30, according to officials.

The safety upgrades for WCR bridge 54/13A are designed to improve its condition rating, preventing the bridge from needing to have weight limit restrictions placed it. The new bridge should be 331 feet long and 71 feet wide, according to officials.

With the bridge’s expansion, four lines would be added, and it will be 5.5 feet higher than the existing bridge, placing it above with Federal Emergency Management standard regulated floodplain.

 “We were excited to receive a DOLA grant last year, and we’re equally excited to begin this project, which we believe will have many benefits for safety and efficiency,” said Curtis Hall, Director of the Weld County Department of Public Works. “We ask for the public’s patience and to utilize the detours as we complete this improvement.”

As of Jan. 22, WCR 54 will be closed from WCR 13 to WCR 15 through the end of the project. View project detours on the map or https://apps.weld.gov/publicworks/roadadvisory/

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