February 21, 2024
Choosing the 13 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments – Colorado Daily

We’ve spent quite a bit of time (and money) reviewing the hundreds of websites that sell Instagram followers, video views, and likes.

And the biggest lesson we’ve learned is that you have to choose your provider very carefully, if you’re trying to boost your popularity and authority on Instagram by purchasing interactions. The majority of vendors, to put it simply, don’t deliver engagements that work; they take the easy way out by using automated bots, and their interactions could get you penalized or banned.

Once you rule out the “scammy” options, it’s much easier to choose a service that protects your privacy while providing the best results.

Now, we’ve turned our attention to another type of social media interaction that has grown in importance: Instagram comments.

These are exactly what you think they are. They’re the remarks that people post underneath your IG videos or photos. The platform now gives comments added importance when deciding if an account and its content are important and popular enough to deserve a bigger audience. Quite a few vendors have started selling them.

Here’s what we’ve learned about comments. It’s still crucial that they’re posted by real users with real accounts, not bots. But it’s just as important that Insta comments are relevant to the content they’re posted on because the system ignores meaningless or generic comments. Sadly, generic comments are what most providers will post for you.

Our rankings of services offering Instagram comments rely heavily on the uniqueness and relevance of the comments they deliver. And our reviews reflect the fact that only a few providers have figured out the “right” way to do it.

They’re understandably our top-ranked Instagram comments services, but we have ten more to suggest if you’re looking for alternatives.

Top 13 Sites for Buying Instagram Comments Safely & Effectively

3 Best Choices: Twicsy, Buzzoid & Rushmax

1. Twicsy

Twicsy has been delivering high-quality followers, likes, and video views for years. Their IG comments service is relatively new, but they’ve combined their Instagram experience with proprietary technology to jump to the head of the pack.

Let’s make one thing clear: Twicsy’s comments are all posted by real people with real Instagram accounts, so they’re legit and don’t break any of the platform’s rules. But before they’re posted to your account by real IG users, the comments are crafted by advanced artificial intelligence to make them well-written and highly relevant.

Twicsy Buy Instagram

The AI system scans your photos or videos to get a full understanding of content, context, and even emotional impact. It then produces comments that look like reactions from a dedicated viewer. They won’t say things like “Nice post!” (like the comments from most other vendors do). They’ll be fully relevant and refer directly to what’s in your content.

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Those are the comments that Instagram values highly, and they’ll help boost your visibility and importance on the platform. And if you don’t like what the system creates, you can have the comments regenerated with the click of a button before you pay.

Packages are available from 5-50 custom comments, there’s the option to have more-authoritative “premium” users post them, and delivery is fast. It’s a great service, a great product, and it provides great results.

We haven’t seen Instagram comments better than Twicsy’s.

Buy Instagram Comments from Twicsy

2. Buzzoid

We only tried Buzzoid’s Instagram comments recently, because they’re new to the market with this product. (They’ve been delivering excellent followers, likes and views for years.)

And it’s pretty clear that they’ve taken a page from Twicsy’s book. Buzzoid also uses an advanced artificial intelligence system to craft their comments; they’re relevant, well-written, and are the type of engagements that Instagram is looking for. Once you’ve approved the comments (or regenerated them) they’re posted by real IG accounts, so they’re safe.

buzzoid Instagram Comments

They’re effective, too. We didn’t see quite the same results as we did with Twicsy, but we have a feeling Buzzoid will keep improving their effectiveness over time since they’ve done the same thing with their other interactions. Prices are reasonable, support is solid, and the comments appeared within a few hours of our order.

Buzzoid didn’t get our number one ranking, but they’re a strong number two in our book.

Buy Instagram Comments from Buzzoid

3. Rushmax

Rushmax is even newer to the comments market than Buzzoid. We expect them to make their mark quickly, though, because they use the same approach as Twicsy and Buzzoid.

Comments are created with advanced artificial intelligence; the system analyzes IG posts and then writes on-topic, smartly-crafted comments that are designed to show Instagram that users are engaged and discussing the post’s content. They’re all posted by real (or premium) users, and they clearly boost the content creator’s importance and audience.

The service is well-designed, Rushmax is reliable and responsive, and the overall product is quite good. Results didn’t quite measure up to those provided by our first two choices, but they were substantially better than those provided by most IG comments services.

Rushmax is good and destined to get even better.

Buy Instagram Comments from Rushmax

Other Sources for Buying Instagram Comments

We can’t recommend these vendors as highly as our top three, since their random and generic comments aren’t as powerful as the ones created by Twicsy, Buzzoid and Rushmax with the help of AI. Those on a very limited budget who are looking for a minor boost in Instagram exposure and influence, however, might consider them as options.

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4. ViralHQ

The comments from ViralHQ are obviously generic and not custom-created, considering prices that start at just $2 for ten comments. The service says they’re posted by real users, though, and you can order as many as 500 comments.

5. SocialPros

SocialPros charges a little more than ViralHQ for their comments, although you’ll pay more than that for generic comments posted by verified Instagram users. The interactions don’t work exceptionally well, but they’re safe.

6. UseViral

We like UseViral for their real followers, likes and views; their comments aren’t custom, but the users who post them are real and high-quality. You can purchase between 10 and 1,000 comments with fast delivery.

7. SocialViral

SocialViral isn’t suitable for power users who need high numbers of comments, since fifty is the most they’ll deliver. They say they don’t use bots to post, but they don’t use artificial intelligence to create generic comments, either.

8. Venium

This service delivers 10-1,000 generic comments (or “loving and positive” comments, as they call them) almost immediately. The prices are low, as they should be for non-AI-created comments.

9. SidesMedia

SidesMedia delivers some of the cheapest Instagram comments you can find anywhere, and the prices are perfect for those on a budget. Of course, the results aren’t going to blow you away, since the comments are very ordinary.

10. GetAFollower

You can have GetAFollower post custom comments for you – but you’ll have to write them yourself. Otherwise, you get the same random comments they post for all of their clients. Prices are low, and you can target specific countries if you’d like.

11. Viralyft

Viralyft gives you a choice, but not between generic or custom-created comments. They’re all generic, but you can pay extra to have verified Instagram users post the comments if you’d like. Delivery can take as long as four days.

12. SocialPlus

You may have heard of this service since it’s well-known for its IG followers and likes service. Their comments are very affordable but generic, and you can purchase between five and 100 of them.

13. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert can deliver more random comments, up to 500, but delivery usually takes 1-2 days to be completed. The comments are all posted by real IG users and priced at a reasonable level for generic interactions.

Buying Instagram Comments Safely: Best Practices

Our review section should have given you a pretty good idea of what to look for (and more importantly, what to avoid) when purchasing Instagram comments.

However, we’ve put together an easy “cheat sheet” that you can refer to when you’re ready to take the plunge and boost your Instagram growth by buying IG comments.

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1. Ditch the Disreputable

You’ll undoubtedly be considering at least a few different providers who sell Instagram comments. The first thing you should do is immediately eliminate any who don’t promise to deliver their comments from real IG accounts.

Just as scammy services are happy to use automation to deliver cheap Instagram followers, likes and views, many also sell comments that haven’t been posted by actual IG users with real accounts. The system will detect and delete those fake comments and may delete your account along with them.

Only use comment providers who guarantee that all posts come from real Instagram accounts.

2. Service and Support Matter

No matter what you’re purchasing, it’s important to buy from a company that provides great service and equally great customer support.

When it comes to service, look for fast delivery and a wide range of package sizes (50 comments will look silly on a post with ten views, and 5 comments may not help an Instagram influencer very much). A secure ordering process is a must, as are reasonable prices and 24/7 client support.

These first two steps will eliminate the poor choices. The third step will help you find the best ones.

3. Quality Matters

Instagram only counts unique, relevant comments when calculating your account’s user engagement rate.

It’s difficult to find providers who can meet that requirement. Most have cookie-cutter comments like “Big thumbs up!” or “Me too!” that they use for all of their customers. Others post meaningless emojis. None of those comments will help you in any way.

What would be perfect is a service that looks at your content and hand-writes relevant comments. Unfortunately, that’s prohibitively expensive to do.

The very best alternative is to use one of the few providers who’ve harnessed the power of advanced artificial intelligence to scan your content and create relevant comments, which are then posted from real IG accounts. Those comments will refer directly to whatever you’ve posted – and make it look like a real person watched your video and reacted honestly to it.

Those are the comments that will spark true Instagram growth, and we challenge you to tell the difference between advanced AI-generated comments and ones that you could write yourself. (Spoiler: we can’t tell the difference, and you won’t be able to, either.)

To sum up the best sites to buy Instagram comments: it is Twicsy, Buzzoid, and Rushmax. You will be highly impressed. Trust us.

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