February 21, 2024
City of Huntsville officials provide updates on current road conditions

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Several officials with the City of Huntsville are holding a news conference to provide updates on current conditions.

Mayor Tommy Battle will meet with Huntsville Police Chief Kirk Giles, Huntsville Fire & Rescue Chief Howard McFarlen, Public Works Director Chris McNeese and Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management Agency Director Jeff Birdwell to update residents on when they can expect roadways to improve.

Chief Giles, Chief McFarlen and Director Birdwell will also discuss road safety, and urge the public to continue to stay off the roads except in the case of an emergency.

McNeese said Public Works crews are still working with with plows and motor graders on major and minor collectors to blade off the ice to make the roadway surfaces safe for the traveling public. They have a total of 10 plows working right now, 5 motor graders and 5 that are mounted on dump trucks.

They also have a small fleet of trucks out spreading salt and rock to allow for good traction.

As a result of the icy conditions across Huntsville, the Huntsville Police Department has worked an above average number of accidents. Chief Giles said from Monday to Friday morning, they’ve worked over 200 accidents and about 37 of those accidents involved injuries. He emphasized that people should continue to be extremely cautious and stay home if at all possible.

McFarlen said HFR has been running a normal number of calls, plus some, and has been transporting patients HEMSI can’t get to using ATVs. He said they’ve also seen a lot of falls on top of car accidents.

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Birdwell urged people to have a winter weather plan for things like this. He also stressed that this event is not over, and people should continue to exercise caution as road conditions will still be hazardous over the next couple of days.

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” Birdwell stated.

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