February 25, 2024
Connecticut Humane Society shares how you can protect your pets from the cold

NEWINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — There are several things to keep in mind as temperatures continue to drop. Whether you have a cat, dog, or another animal, staff at the Connecticut Humane Society in Newington are sharing some tips to protect them from the cold. 

Your furry friends may be naturally warmer than we are, but that doesn’t mean that in these temperatures they don’t need extra layers.

“If your pet has anything like a short coat they may be a little bit colder in this type of weather. Putting a sweater on them might be really good for them. You want to do that only if they’re comfortable wearing clothes,” said Kathryn Schubert, the marketing and communications manager for the Connecticut Humane Society.

It’s not just what they’re wearing, you’ve also got to keep in mind where they’re going. Walks along salty roads can be harmful to your animal if the right precautions aren’t being taken. 

“Getting them dressed up in their booties to keep their feet safe from things like salt or snow and ice and anything that the snow might cover that could be dangerous on the road is good. If you don’t want to put booties on your pet or your pet doesn’t want to wear booties, you should also make sure that you’re wiping their feet down,” Schubert said.

Schubert says it’s best if you limit your pet’s time outdoors during bone-chilling temps. Understandably, this could lead them to become more restless at home. 

“There’s a lot of good ways to enrich pets minds inside the home – they don’t need to get outside to get that exercise,” she said. “Enrichment can look like doing puzzles at home or picking peanut butter out of a Kong toy to make sure their mind is active.”

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The organization understands that the winter can be a difficult time for people, which is why if you’re having trouble taking care of your animal, there is help available. 

“When the weather gets cold, when the seasons change, we do have a lot of people looking for resources for their pets. Whether that’s pet food or affording pet food this time of year, we have a pet food pantry or a traveling pet food pantry that reaches throughout the state of Connecticut,” Schubert said. 

In addition to the pet pantry, the Connecticut Humane Society says they also have affordable wellness exams and medical care available. If you’re in need of any of those resources, you’re advised to contact the agency directly. 

Milford Animal Control has crews out actively patrolling and looking for stray animals in the cold weather.

Fortunately, during cold snaps like this one, there are fewer stays outside. However come the spring, the number of strays tends to increase. 

The advice is that if you see any neglected animals or if you suspect abuse to call your local animal control agency.