February 24, 2024
El Paso County actively monitoring the migrant situation in Denver and preparing for the unexpected

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO)- Thursday, Colorado leaders came together in front of the U.S. capitol to call on congress to take action.They want more support for communities in Colorado that are receiving migrants, especially in Denver where bus loads of people are arriving from Texas almost daily. 

 “Immigration is the responsibility of the federal government,” said U.S. Senator Michael Bennet.

The mile high city has spent over $38 million to meet the humanitarian need, servicing more than 37,000 migrants, that includes providing shelter for nearly 4,400 people — many of whom are children.

“We don’t have room in our budget to be able to deal with this on our own, and we need to step up,” said Bennet.

Contrast that to El Paso County, which said it has not allocated any money for the needs of migrants and the same goes for the city of Colorado Springs as well. 

However, the day after mayor elect Yemi Mobalade was voted into office he said he does not intend to open up the city as a sanctuary city.

“I do not intend to open up our city to any kind, any sanctuary city conversation, because you open it, it’s all or nothing…I’m not even sure our city is poised and ready for that,” said Mobalade back in May 2023.

The Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management (PPROEM) said PPROEM is aware of the escalating number of migrants in the Denver metro area. Going on to say that PPROEM continues to actively monitor the situation and maintains regular contact with the Denver Office of Emergency Management and the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. They said PPROEM continually works to ensure our community’s preparedness, no matter the issue. However, they said they can’t predict what will happen, and will continue to plan for the unexpected, including coordination with state and local partners.

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KRDO13 pressed for details as to what this type of “preparedness” looks like but a spokesperson for the Pikes Peak office could not elaborate on any plans.