February 21, 2024
City of New Bedford places 14 trash/recycling compactors at select sites throughout the city – New Bedford Guide

“What’s cooler than a new trash bin? OK, maybe your average trash and recycling containers aren’t the coolest, but we have some new compactors in New Bedford and the positive environmental impact is pretty cool.

There are 14 of these bins (one trash, one recycling) in seven well-traveled spots around the City: East Beach, West Beach, Fort Taber, Brooklawn Park, Pier-3 (pictured), Pope’s Island near Noah’s Place Playground, and Hazelwood Park.

They’re solar-powered compactors, so they squish our waste and recycling into smaller units that save space in landfills and recycling centers, and they electronically notify our crews when full so we can dispatch someone to empty them. Lately, we’ve been getting pinged about once a week to go and empty the bins, when previously we’d send someone daily to check if they need to be emptied. That’s one trip a week per site compared to seven.

The City used federal funds to purchase the compactors, and we’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact they can have in New Bedford.

We know trash cans aren’t the coolest things on social media today, but if these can help us reduce waste, keep New Bedford clean, and cut down on trips to and from several spots across the City, that’s pretty cool.”-City of New Bedford.

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