February 25, 2024
Country music star visits, performs for homeless in Decatur

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — In October of 2021, country music’s Steven Cade embarked on a mission to travel to homeless shelters across the country to raise money and awareness. 

While also spreading the joy of music. Cade has performed at 83 homeless shelters across the country. He calls it the ‘Giving Guitars Tour.’ 

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“We are about helping others to help others and music is very powerful,” Cade said.  

Cade says music fills a need by taking their minds off their troubles and providing some comfort. 

Cade performed his signature song titled ‘Big Picture Thinker’ for the unhoused at Hands Across Decatur (HAD) on Friday.  These are people who could use something different in their lives.  

“We just to make sure that we send a message out there of hope using the gift of guitars and we’re just excited to be here at Hands Across Decatur today,” Cade said.  

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Cade, a Nashville-based performer, said he heard about Sue Terrell and her efforts at HAD to garner attention to the growing homelessness issue in Morgan County.   

The only funding for Terrell and HAD is through money from her own pocket and the kindness of caring people who feel like giving. She is thankful for Cade for giving a live musical performance. 

“We’re very honored that they chose us, and we welcome Steven to the community,” Terrell said. “He’s on the same page that we are, and he says we’re making noise in Nashville and that’s a good thing.” 

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Among those in attendance for the performance was Decatur City Mayor Tab Bowling. Bowling and city leaders have been called out for not doing anything for Decatur city’s homeless population but are thankful for Cade and the work that Terrell has done. 

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“It’s so kind of Steven to come down from Nashville here to support Hands Across Decatur and the great work that Sue and the team do for our unhoused community,” Bowling said.  

Jenni West told News 19 that the musical performance by Cade is just what the HAD homeless needed in these trying times. 

“It’s a wonderful distraction from not just the recent bad weather but from what’s going on in life because some people get dealt a different deck of cards,” West explained.  

According to the most recent Point in Time (PIT) survey, there are approximately 250 unhoused individuals in Morgan County, nearly double that of a year ago.  

Cade also donated a guitar and literature to HAD for others to play and read.

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