February 24, 2024
Who Is Lamar Jackson’s Girlfriend? Everything We Know About His Dating History! | Football, Lamar Jackson, nfl | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Lamar Jackson is taking center stage this afternoon as the starting quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens in the second round of the NFL playoffs…and while you’re watching, you may be wondering about his dating history.

We’re highlighting the 27-year-old NFL star’s last known partner.

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Lamar has remained tight lipped on his love life in recent years. We know he welcomed a daughter, Milan, in 2021 and has shown her off on his social media.

We also know that in 2019, he was dating Jaime Taylor.

She was interviewed by the Ravens as part of a profile on the QB.

She shared with the Ravens, “He’s taught me how to handle criticism. I mean, I used to get mad when I’d read stuff. Then I’d look at him, and he’s just fine. He says, ‘Let them do the talking. You don’t have to say anything. Just show them.’”

It’s unclear if Jaime and Lamar are still seeing each other as she does not appear to be active on any public social media. We will update if there’s any new developments on Lamar‘s dating life.

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