February 25, 2024
7 Nutritional Drinks To Keep Your Winter Health In-check

It’s that time of the year when we just want to add layers of clothes and refuse to leave the cozy warmth of our beds. It’s the time of the long-awaited cold season again. With so many things that the winter season comes up with, such as the common cold, and flu, the feeling of sluggish and tiredness is extremely common.

Seasonal illness is for real. Every season comes with an array of health problems. So, you need to be mindful to keep yourself healthy and develop disease-immune properties to have a happy and healthy winter season. Sure, there are plenty of things that make you prone to illness, however, the lack of proper nutrition remains the constant and most problematic.

That means you need to feed your body with seasonal food that boosts your immunity, and stamina, and keeps you healthy all season long.

You’re in luck because we have compiled a list of the top 7 winter nutritional drinks to make sure you get the best that season has to offer while free from the common disease or virus. You may wonder why Drinks?

  • Because they are easier to make you need not spend hours in the kitchen, especially during the lazy cozy days
  • Require minimal ingredients which are commonly found in every kitchen household
  • An effective and delicious way to consume such foods that you can’t eat otherwise
  • Can be consumed at any time of the day
  • Perfect for the fussy eaters of the house to keep their health in check


Now that you know, let’s discover healthy drinks for winter one by one and explore their nutritional benefits.

1. Fresh And Natural Juices

First things first, one of the easiest, most effective, and efficient ways to improve gut health to fight off seasonal illness effectively is through consuming fresh, pure, and natural juices. Regardless of the season, chemical-free juices are great to provide our body with numerous additional benefits to stay overall fit.

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Vegetable and fruit juices are also very energizing to keep our energy and control the extremely common winter fatigue. Some winter-friendly juices that you must incorporate into your diet are below

  • Carrot Juice
  • ABC Juice: Apple, Beetroot & Carrot
  • Tomatoes Juice
  • Dark Green Leafy Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Pomegranate Juice


2. Golden Milk

Golden Milk aka Turmeric Milk is already a big hit in every household. It regained popularity during the coronavirus era, when people were relying on homemade recipes to strengthen their immunity and stay protected from the deadly coronavirus, and Haldi Doodh was the top pick.

Whether you drank it with your own will or have been forced to do it – the advantages of drinking Haldi Doodh are immense to boost gut health. It was so much so that many leading brands like Mother Dairy and Starbucks introduced Turmeric lattes to their menu to help support immunity.

This warm yellow beverage is making waves across the world. Thus, we don’t need to talk a lot more about it. Drink it and acquire the many benefits. Don’t forget to add honey, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, etc. to make it tastier for kids especially.


3. Kadha

Kadha, a powerhouse of nutrients has been a popular winter drink for years. Kadha is a natural immunity booster made up of various Indian spices and herbs. Make the combination as per your taste buds by adding Tulsi leaves, black pepper, ginger, and cinnamon into boiling water followed by a dollop of honey to add sweetness to it.

This Ayurvedic drink is the most inexpensive drink that you can make to strengthen immunity and fight infections. Plus, it’s super easy and won’t make you spend hours in the kitchen.

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4. Tomato Rasam

A comforting bowl of South Indian dish – Tomato Rasam is a natural remedy for colds and flu. This delicious soup provides ultimate warmth while relieving congestion and sore throat. The burst of flavor and aromatic spices in Rasam also enhance the mood and aid in weight management. Super Nutritious, Super Healthy! That’s enough for this healthy winter special drink. Try it once and see the good changes!


5. Honey Ginger & Lemon Tea

This classic healthy and nourishing tea tastes great and has all the nutritional benefits that you need to get relief from all the winter woes- cold, cough, and flu. Just keep in mind to boil ginger well in the water so that you get its perfect flavor. Complete the drink with juice of lime and honey to enhance the taste and add a distinct aroma.

There is nothing more comforting than sipping on this healthy drink on a cold winter day while reaping health advantages like improved blood relaxation, lower stress levels, and providing comfort to sore throat & cold. Enjoy this aromatic drink at any time of the day that is prepared within a few minutes!


6. Almond Milk

Besides being the favorite drink for people who are lactose intolerant, this plant-based drink is an excellent option to get a natural boost of immunity and provide the body with a comforting and warm experience. Almonds and milk both are highly nutritional when combined they result in a miracle drink that is high in healthy fats, protein, fiber, protein, calcium, and essential minerals.

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Gauri Anand, a dietician has recommended Almond milk as the must-have winter drink in an exclusive interview with HT because this winter drink boosts bone health, digestion, nutritional profile, and content of Vitamin E with other benefits. If you’re buying from outside, carefully check the label because not every brand offers pure and premium almond milk without any additives. Do well research


7. Papaya Smoothie

Last but not least, Papaya Smoothie is among the best winter nutritional drinks. Packed with Vitamin C, it is great for boosting immune functioning. Papayas boost white blood cell production, and immune function, and keep you hydrated. It also increases the body’s heat thus useful in cold and flu. And, if you are dealing with constipation, a papaya smoothie would be a great addition to ease the digestive issues.


Final Thoughts

While many of us reach for a comforting mug of hot chocolate or a sugary latte to get the warmth, it’s not an ideal choice due to its high refined sugar content, which offers no health benefits rather the processed ingredients and higher level of refined sugar present in these unhealthy winter drinks will make you feel more tired and increase your cravings of sweet food and beverages which in turn also result in rapid weight gain.

A good move is to drink the above-highlighted winter nutritional drinks and pave the way to a healthier winter. Considering there are so many options, you will surely enjoy each of these nutritional drinks for winter. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, keep a check on what you eat, indulge in any sort of workout, and you’re good to go.

Happy Winters Ya’ll!