February 24, 2024
‘Tell Your Story’ to our readers – Chico Enterprise-Record

Our newspaper has a weekly feature called “Tell Your Story.” It’s an opportunity for our Seniors to share their life stories, or some unique experiences, in a forum where others can enjoy.

The only rules are as follows:

1. You must have reached the so-called full retirement age of 66 to write it. This is by Seniors, and for everyone to enjoy.

2. You get up to 750 words.

3. Keep modern-day politics out of it. We get enough of that elsewhere.

4. We’d like a mugshot of yourself. If you’d rather submit one of yourself in your 20s than your current self, that’s fine, as long as it works with your story.

4. Finally, please include an email address so other people who read your story can contact you. (If you don’t have an email address, ask a friend, or younger relative, to set one up for you and maybe even help you monitor it.)

You can “Tell Your Story” by emailing editor Mike Wolcott at [email protected].

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