February 21, 2024
Did Olivia Flowers use Thomas Ravenel to get on Southern Charm

After an explosive two weeks of reunion episodes of Southern Charm, the internet and socials have been blowing up with discussions of the Olivia Flowers bombshell. When cornered by fellow cast member Taylor Ann Green, Flowers admitted to a one-night stand with Thomas Ravenel. Now, Ravenel is speaking out, suggesting Flowers may have used him to get on the hit Bravo series.

Did Olivia Flowers Use Thomas Ravenel To Get On Southern Charm?

Since the episode aired, Ravenel spoke out about the situation, suggesting that Flowers may have used him to land a role on the show.

In an interview with All About The Tea, the former political claims that Flowers didn’t know anyone in the Bravo universe before their encounter. Furthermore, though Flowers claims Ravenel is a “family friend,” Ravenel says she befriended him while pursuing acting in Atlanta.

“Olivia was in Atlanta pursuing an acting career and she wanted to get on that show (Southern Charm), that’s why she befriended me,” he told the website. He says he reached out to her when he was in town for his nephew’s wedding. Ravenel also claims she was 24-years-old at the time, not 20 as she claimed on the reunion show.

Apparently, the 61-year-old was not necessarily trying to expose any wrong doing at the time of the interview. He says he was simply clarifying the time of the hook up, denying that he had cheated on Kathryn Dennis.

In a statement on X (formerly Twitter), he apologized for things said during the interview.

I’d like to make a statement about my interview concerning Olivia Flowers. I was not trying to hurt her. When I thought the interview was over, I stupidly made what I thought was a self-deprecating remark that ‘MAYBE she used me. I had no idea that would be the story and I sincerely apologize to her. I have the utmost respect for her as a person and friend. It was a stupid throw away line and I regret it.

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– Thomas Ravenel

Regarding the initial admission of the affair, fans online are quite torn between choosing a side in the Olivia/ Taylor feud, as illustrated by the hundreds of comments on our TikTok post.

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