February 24, 2024
Fairhaven, Lakeville, Wareham complete Nero’s Law training to save lives of our police K-9s – New Bedford Guide

“Another Successful Nero’s Law Training. Thank you Dr. Larry Venezia once again for being our veterinarian.

We were joined by Coastal Medical, Middleboro Fire Department, Middleboro Police Department, Lakeville Police Department (MA), Wareham EMS Local 2895, Fairhaven Police Department K9 Unit, Tobey Hospital, and Professional Canine Services Four Legged Angels. Special shout out to Bob and Niki Joyce.

Nero’s Law allows law enforcement officers’ K9 partners to receive life-saving medical attention and transport if they are injured in the line of duty.

Fairhaven Police Department K9 Unit.

Last year Fairhaven Working Dog Foundation purchased a CPR mannequin and bandaging stuffed dog to assist in these trainings. This has been a labor of love to all involved in Nero’s Law. Implementation of the training wasn’t always perfect and it was certainly challenging at times. We also understood that we’d be asking a lot of our emergency medical professionals. Treating an animal in the emergency setting was not what they had all signed up for and was certainly uncharted waters.

Between union conflicts, budgeting constraints, deadlines, and beyond we ran into just about every issue trying to get our first responders trained to save our K9’s lives. We aren’t ever going to ask you to enter a scene that isn’t safe. We will never have you go beyond the scope of your jobs. All we ask is that if it is safe, and if you can, that you try to preserve their lives.

Fairhaven Police Department K9 Unit.

Police Working Dogs are sworn members of the Police. In the military it is customary to rank the working dog one rank above the handler. This is so the handler always respects their canine partner. We swear our police working dogs in for the same reason. They are one of our own. Their careers, although shorter than most, are fruitful and exciting. They are with us side by side helping us do our jobs. They retire and live out the rest of their lives with our families being pampered and always respected.

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Thank you to all our Massachusetts EMTs for coming together as a team with us to make this possible. Your new found certification and skills may just help one or more police working dogs make it to retirement.”-Fairhaven Police Department K9 Unit.

All photos by Fairhaven Police Department K9 Unit: