February 25, 2024
How to wake every morning with new sales leads for your coaching business

A landing page system is an online marketing campaign that’s designed to bring in new sales leads for your business. It consists of:

A lead magnet

Something incredible that your target market is aching for to help them overcome a challenge. As an example, it might be a PDF entitled “5 Google approved tactics to triple your website traffic“.

An incredibly simple way to create a lead magnet is to pump out a  5 page Word document and save it as a PDF.

A landing page

A highly focused website page that allows people to enter their details in exchange for your lead magnet.

An advertising campaign

This is the part that drives the right website visitors to the landing page. Online paid advertising systems such as Facebook or Google Ads can be setup to send your target market to the landing page that you created.

Remember to always measure the results of your advertising, e.g. how much it costs to create a new lead.

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