February 24, 2024
Loveland’s Municipal Building to get a makeover – Loveland Reporter-Herald

A project five years in the making is finally moving ahead at the Loveland Civic Center Municipal Building. Late last week, crews started preparations for a six-month renovation that will enhance the building’s security and make the most efficient use of its space, said Michael Hogan, the city’s facilities director.

The city started planning for the upgrades at the building in 2019, but the transition to remote work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed plans back, Hogan said. But as city staff has grown in recent years, finding more places to put them became a priority.

“The city’s growing and therefore staff grows, very slowly, but we still grow and we don’t have enough room for everybody,” he said. “And this is how we do that as cost-effectively as possible.”

The work is slated to start on Jan. 29 on the ground level in the utility billing office, which has temporarily moved next door to the sales tax office for the duration of construction. Hogan explained that the plan is to reconfigure the vestibule, lobby and employee break room to accommodate additional cubicles and two “hoteling” offices for hybrid employees.

“So our hybrid workforce can come in, attend the meeting, have a place to dock their computer for an hour, and then head back out,” Hogan said.

The office is also replacing its 35-year-old furniture, Hogan said, which will be repurposed in other city offices.

Work in the utility billing office is scheduled to last through April, according to a media release from Loveland Water and Power about the project. During this time, the walk-up drop box on the south side of the building will also be closed, but in-person payments will be accepted at the sales tax office on the same level.

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Loveland utility customers are also urged to use the online payment option at go.lovgov.org/UtilityBilling during this time, or the drive-up drop box located between the municipal building and the Loveland Public Library. There is also a payment drop box at Loveland Water and Power, 200 N. Wilson Ave.

Once works winds down in the utility billing office, crews will move on to the upper floors, which will be seeing  several security upgrades.

The community partnership office on the second floor will be getting a customer service window, like those in the city manager’s office and Loveland Parks and Recreation. This means staff will have a chance to interact with the visitor face-to-face before opening the door to the office, Hogan explained.

The first-floor city clerk’s office will also have some unused windows replaced with walls, he continued, and there will be upgrades to the building’s access control “so that we can control the doors of the building in an emergency and provide proper entrance and exiting for our employees,” he said.

Plans do not call for a renovation to City Council chambers, though some of the space behind it will be reconfigured to create more room in the city attorney’s office.

The total budget for the project is $1,026,698. Most of the funding will be coming from the city facilities budget, though, in September, the City Council approved a $240,432 budget appropriation for the project from the city’s capital expansion fee fund.

The project is expected to be completed in June. For more information or to track the project’s progress, visit  go.lovgov.org/CivicCenter.

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