February 21, 2024
Stacks for Google Photos finally rolling out for Android users

Google Photos rolled out Stacks for iOS in November 2023, and now, the feature is coming to Android, as confirmed by 9to5Google.

The feature essentially helps you organize similar-looking photos better.

For example, you take several photos of a pet in one go in a similar pose. Instead of showing them individually in grid view in your Google Photos gallery, the images would all be stacked under a single thumbnail.

Fiiiinally just got the stacked photos in Google Photos activated today. This rollout took forever. pic.twitter.com/zDaGbn8RfP

— Artem Russakovskii (@ArtemR) January 22, 2024

The thumbnail will feature a number and an icon on it to indicate that it is a stack.

This would help users better organize and declutter their galleries.

Once you open the stack, you can browse through photos in carousel and grid views, choose the top pick image, remove photo(s) from the stack, and more. Further, users can also ‘unstack,’ to view the series of images individually in their gallery.

The feature is rolling out now, though it is not yet widely available. Read more about it here.

Source: 9to5Google

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