February 25, 2024
Colo Dems plan to ban charter school security from carrying concealed weapons

Democrats are shopping a backdoor ban to block school security officers from carrying guns by declaring school grounds too sensitive to allow the presence of concealed weapons by legally permitted holders for the protection of children.

The bill to prohibit carrying a concealed firearm in sensitive areas is similar to other measures already struck down by the courts. It already has several sponsors in the Colorado House and Senate.

Page Two over at Complete Colorado has the draft of the bill and reports it would dismantle armed security already in place at charter schools and other districts across Colorado.

Laura Carno, president of Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response (FASTER) Colorado, says 400 security personnel would be disarmed if the bill were to pass and be signed into law by Gov. Polis.

“In the 20 years that this law has been in place, nothing has happened. Nothing bad has happened. But what we do know that has happened is bad guys keep coming onto school grounds trying to kill people, sometimes being successful, and there has been no armed staff member on Colorado K-12 campuses that has done anything bad. So why are they trying to do this?”

Good question.

Police officers would be exempt from carrying in these newly declared “sensitive spaces,” that includes anywhere protestors gather for marches and demonstrations, parks, recreation facilities, museums, zoos, fairs, the circus, libraries, homeless shelters, anywhere folks vote, and of course, school grounds.

The progressive judiciary’s soft-on-crime policies has already emboldened criminals to escalate their lawless activity, whether it’s shoplifting in gangs, brazen and violent assaults in public places, or that woman who just got probation after stabbing her boyfriend a hundred times and killing him.

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If passed, this legislation will serve to reassure criminals where their violence will go unchecked.

No matter how hard they wish it, Democrats will never stop violence just be declaring “sensitive” areas off limits to law-abiding gun owners.