February 25, 2024
Nikki Haley’s Surprising Challenge to Trump: A Debate Over Experience and Sharp Minds | Wayne Dupree

Nikki Haley praised her rival in a speech after the announcement of former President Donald Trump as the victor of the New Hampshire Republican primary on Tuesday.  

“I would want to congratulate Donald Trump on his win this evening. Speaking about Trump on stage at Concord’s Grappone Center around twenty minutes after the final votes closed, Haley stated, “He deserved it.”  

First in the country is New Hampshire. It is not the country’s last. This is not the end of the race!” 

Despite extending her congratulations to Trump, Haley said, “The path is never going to stop here in New Hampshire, that has always been the plan,” refusing to surrender the first round. In the Granite State primary, Haley boasted of receiving “almost half of the vote.” 

Haley expressed her excitement about visiting South Carolina, her home state. Haley said, “There were 14 of us running at one time in this race, and we were at two percent in the polls.” We are the only people left standing next to Donald Trump, but I am a warrior and a feisty guy.

Although Haley said that politics had gotten too personal, she did not think so. She claimed to have voted twice for Trump and supported many of his initiatives when he was in power, but she said she chose to run because she was “worried about the future of [the] nation.” 

Then, implying that Trump’s advancing years may be impairing his mental faculties, Haley challenged him to a debate.

“In one of those [mental] exams, Trump says he would perform better than me. He should have no trouble joining me on a debating platform if that is his belief. The majority of Americans do not want a rematch between Biden and Trump,” said Haley. “Whoever wins this election will be the party that retires their 80-year-old candidate first. Furthermore, Haley said, “I believe the Republicans should win this election.” 

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