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February 28, 2024
Sky users issued with urgent 30-day price warning – ‘take action’ now

If Sky is your chosen broadband supplier then you need to act fast if you want to secure a lower price. The popular provider has recently announced price hikes of around 6.7 percent are coming this April – that means if you currently pay £40 per month, your bill will rise to £42.68. Pay £60 and things will increase to £64. It’s clearly not the best news for consumers but there is a way to make sure you don’t actually end up paying more.

Unlike many Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Sky lets all customers leave if they don’t like the yearly price rise. That even includes those tied into long-term deals.

It’s a big bonus of Sky’s terms and conditions with other UK ISPs charging an exit fee to leave during a contract. The only thing you need to be aware of is the limited time you have to switch with Sky giving 30 days to make any changes once you’ve been alerted of the hike.

“We enable our broadband customers to leave penalty free within 30 days of being notified of a price increase,” Sky explained in an email seen by Express.co.uk.

If you’ve received your notice explaining how much things are going up by, now is a good time to check your deal and shop around.

It might also be a good idea to ring Sky and see if they’ll reduce things as the less you pay before April the smaller the hike you’ll face.

A Sky spokesperson said: “Our Sky broadband and TV products will see an average increase of 6.7% from April. We don’t take these decisions lightly – the change in price reflects the ongoing cost pressures we face, and our continued investment to bring the best experience for our customers.”

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Adding its weight to the price rise and explaining why users must shop around, Rocio Concha, Which? Director of Policy and Advocacy, said: “It’s very disappointing to see Sky raising prices for customers in this unpredictable way. Consumers deserve pricing certainty rather than being blindsided with more above inflation hikes.

“Unlike people trapped by their contract when prices rise, Sky customers can take action. Customers should send a message to Sky by voting with their feet and taking advantage of their right to exit within 30 days. Our recent research found, on average, Sky TV and broadband customers could save £152 by switching.

“Ofcom’s current proposals to ban inflation-linked price rises don’t extend to the ‘prices may vary’ terms that Sky is using for these ad-hoc hikes. The regulator should commit to closing this loophole and banning all forms of unpredictable price rises to protect millions of people.”